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Longevity for Seniors Through Healthy Lifestyle

Longevity for Seniors Through Healthy Lifestyle

Assisted living in Baltimore County is highly advised for people reaching the age of 65 and above. It is at this age that they may start to experience noticeable changes in their bodies and mental health, negatively affecting their overall quality of life. If you have aging loved ones, you may be asking now if there is anything you can do to keep them youthful and healthy.

Ancient explorers searched for the elusive fountain of youth for thousands of years. Had they known that the fountain of youth springs from within us, they wouldn’t have wasted so much time. Modern research has declared a healthy lifestyle to be the real fountain of youth. Yes, you heard that right. The real fountain of youth is a healthy lifestyle.

Our expert caregivers in Maryland recommend you help your aging loved ones apply these healthy lifestyle habits so they can have long and fulfilling lives.

  • Eat healthily.
    Eating the right foods in the right amounts is the first secret to longevity. It also reduces the risk of diseases. Let your seniors consume a wide variety of plant foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Be physically active.
    Exercise is good for the mind, body, and heart. Never settle for a sedentary lifestyle. Even elderly care facilities allow recreational activities to keep seniors engaged and moving.
  • Maintain social connection.
    According to studies, people who are more socially connected are healthier, happier, and will live longer than people who isolate themselves.
  • Stimulate the mind.
    Mentally-challenging activities build up the brain and can lower the risk of memory-related disorders like dementia.

If your seniors need assistance in integrating these habits into their lives, Grand Oasis ALF provides assisted living in Towson, Maryland. Talk to us today!

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