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Quick Guide: Know When Assisted Living Is Necessary

Quick Guide: Know When Assisted Living Is Necessary

Whether we like it or not, our elderly loved ones will eventually encounter difficulties in daily activities as they grow older. This is a natural part of aging that should be anticipated to promote their safety and wellness. So as early as now, it is practical to plan whether you should relocate your loved one to a facility that provides assisted living in Towson, Maryland or not.

But how would you know if assisted living is ideal for them?

Let these guidelines help you:

  • Medical Conditions That Are Getting Worse
    If your senior family member has a chronic illness, it can grow more complicated over the years. When you find that caring for them at home is already beyond your personal capacity, or that your home is no longer conducive for their wellness, it might be ideal to move them into our facility for assisted living in Baltimore County.
  • Unusual Isolation
    Some elderly loved ones might prefer to age at home. However, this can also result in isolation in the long term, which puts them at risk of accidents, depression, and health complications. Meanwhile, in an assisted living facility, caregivers in Maryland can keep them company 24/7 to ensure their safety and wellness.
  • Untidy Home
    When you visit your aging loved one in their home and you notice a mess and unpleasant smell, you know that they are no longer able to care for themselves on their own. Furthermore, their home might also be unsafe for them if they keep living there. Because of this, consider moving them into an assisted living facility where they can be attended to with compassion and quality care.
  • Poor Hygiene
    Having poor hygiene is a big risk for the overall health of our seniors. So, when you observe that they have not been taking a bath or their clothes have not been changed for a while, it is ideal to let elderly care providers attend to them in an assisted living facility.

There are more benefits when your aging loved one is with us at Grand Oasis ALF. When you sense that it’s time to transfer them into our home, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you make an informed decision.

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