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4 Tips When Your Parent Refuses Assisted Living

4 Tips When Your Parent Refuses Assisted Living

When a parent needs to move to a facility for assisted living in Towson, Maryland, it’s stressful for everyone involved. However, the tension increases if they dig in their heels and resist to move. To solve this difficult issue, Grand Oasis ALF offers some tips to encourage your aging parent(s) to be open to assisted living.

  1. Introduce the idea of assisted living.
    First, give them an idea of what it’s like to move to an assisted living facility. Let them know the benefits that they can enjoy, such as private rooms, recreational programs, and 24/7 security. Don’t approach your parent(s) as though you have already made the decision for them. Simply mention that there are options out there that can make their life easier.
  2. Schedule tours.
    Look for assisted living centers in your area and offer to take them on some tours. For instance, if you are looking for assisted living in Baltimore County, you can always schedule a tour appointment online. By going on tours, they can personally see what it is like to live in an assisted living facility. If they are willing, then great! If not, don’t push it. Wait for another day to invite them on a tour.
  3. See if your parent(s) know anyone who has recently made the transition.
    When they don’t know anyone in a new place, it can be quite unsettling. Ask around to see if any of your parents’ friends have made the transition to an assisted living facility. If you do find someone, help form a bridge for your parent. Seeing someone they know thrive in an assisted living facility can help convince them to make the move.
  4. Be patient.
    If your parent’s care needs are not urgent, don’t push them. Give them time to think – remember, this is a big decision and you can’t rush them to make it. In the meantime, encourage them to join activities or programs in the community. This will help them make friends and feel more comfortable until the time finally comes for them to seriously considering assisted living.

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