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Tips to Help Seniors Manage Chronic Back Pain

Tips to Help Seniors Manage Chronic Back Pain

Has chronic back pain been tormenting your senior loved one?

Chronic conditions are common in the elderly years. For this reason, seniors who are living alone are highly encouraged to relocate to a facility that provides assisted living in Towson, Maryland so they can have prompt assistance in times of difficulties.

Meanwhile, your aging family member can also learn to manage their chronic back pain with the following tips:

  • Learn to Meditate
    The practice of meditation can orient the person to center their thoughts on something they consider as worthwhile. When they have learned to focus on these things at the onset of their chronic pain, they can divert their attention from the painful episodes.
  • Avoid Stressful Triggers
    While it’s true that stress will always be part of life, it’s also true that we can do something to prevent this from robbing our joy. Along with that, stress can also add up to our body pains. So, avoiding stressful factors can greatly help in alleviating the painful episodes. Nurturing the attitude of gratitude is a great start to ward off stress.
  • Exercise
    In our center for assisted living in Baltimore County, we believe in the importance of exercising and how it affects our overall health. So as much as possible, we assist our residents with doing group exercises so they can also be motivated. Thankfully, exercises help produce endorphins so that we can mentally overcome pain signals.
  • Sleep Well
    Getting enough sleep is also helpful for your senior loved one so that they can overcome their pain episodes. A good night’s sleep reduces stressful factors, and consequently, reducing episodes of chronic pain attacks.

There are still many ways that you can help your aging loved one to manage their chronic pains. However, the above-mentioned are already helpful steps to begin with. At Grand Oasis ALF, we will continue to advocate for quality elderly care and we hope you can take these tips with you.

Meanwhile, if you’re also looking for trusted caregivers in Maryland, don’t hesitate to inquire. Set an appointment today!

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